Brusselse kasseien

Uitzicht vanuit het Koninklijk Paleis.

Uitzicht vanuit het Koninklijke Paleis

iPad schilderij


Over robvandoeselaar
Dutch artist painter. Also lived and worked in West Africa, New York and India. Techniques: oil paintings on canvas/ ink, acrylic on paper/ painting on iPad.

3 Responses to Brusselse kasseien

  1. This one is fascinating. I love how it starts off with realistic perspective toward the bottom, then moves into a more expressionistic sense of spacial depiction toward the top.

    I have to ask: are you drawing these from direct observation, photographic observation, from memory, or are you ‘tracing over’ images on your iPad?

    • Hi Gabriel, it’s a mix of all these elements and also my experience as an artist for nearly thirty years. In this case I took a picture during a visit in Brussels two weeks ago. I already had the drawing in mind. I used tracing only for scaling purposes at the start of the drawing. I could do without this help, but then it would have cost me more time. I believe you should use all technology that is available. But also, I still believe in craftmanship. I love the technique and the personal touch. No photograph can beat that feeling.

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